What is the future of convenience food in mature markets?

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IFF is one of the leading companies on development and production of flavors, fragrances and ingredients for food, beverage, personal care and household product industries. Our products are used by other manufacturing companies producing a wide variety of every-day consumed products (i.e. beverages, detergents, cosmetics, deodorants, dairy products, soups and sauces, etc.).
The SCI department deals with sensory analysis and consumer research in order to support the R&D department and marketing/sales choices. The SCI department plays a key role in product development processes, to understand how to fulfill consumer needs and expectations (thank to tools like sensory profiling, preference evaluation, product positioning, motivational models, etc.).

Mission :

Convenience food has been a major industry trend for years but most classic options such as crisps or “ready-to-eat” meals such as instant soups are slowly loosing speed in all mature European markets. They are found to be less and less used by consumers from youngest generations, while older generations challenge them on topics like freshness, cleanness of composition or naturalness. Moreover, these products are often associated by consumers with high processing and low innovation. On the other side, there is an increasing demand for more convenient eating options, as reflected by the boom of snacking. We can observe more and more diversity in fresh and healthy food “on-the-go” proposed in supermarkets. In that frame, how to innovate and reinvent classic convenience foods to make them more attractive for younger generations? The objective of this internship will be to apply innovation process on the topic of convenient foods, by putting in place appropriate research and providing recommendations for new product development.

Compétences requises :

• Scientific: the student must have INTEREST IN CONSUMER SCIENCES, MARKETING, SOCIOLOGY AND PSYCHOLOGY or in any relevant related field.
• Language: mandatory scientific and professional English skills, written or oral.
• Personal: CONSUMER-ORIENTED MINDSET, CREATIVE, not afraid by both managing literature search and fieldwork; with EXCELLENT SYNTHESIS SKILLS. Interest for savory foods and cuisine is a plus.

Profil souhaité :

Pragmatic and open-minded students will receive special attention.

Autres informations :

Type d'offre : tout type de stage

Date de début souhaitée : dès que possible

Durée minimale : 6 mois

Rémunération : 750

Lieu du poste : 9 B rue Rene Char 21000 Dijon - localiser

Informations de contact :

Nom : Mme valerie Prieur El katiri
Email : valerie.prieur@iff.com

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